About Phytocomplex V

Valeriia products are 100% natural. Only the finest natural oils, organic butters, herbal extracts, essential oils, vitamins and minerals are used. Our Phyto Mineral Cosmetic is designed for women, men and children. Ideal for all skin types including oversensitive skin.

Phytocomplex V is the defining difference between Valeriia and all other cosmetics.  This unique catalyst was a key component of majestic prehistoric plants that were prolific on the Colorado Plateau for millions of years during the Mesozoic Era. V creates a synergy between ingredients that multiplies their effectiveness; as a result our formulas will work faster and be more effective for you.

Processing Phytocomplex V begins by saturating the mineral ore with cool purified water.  Then the material is carefully pressed and the delicate compounds are suspended in purified water. The completed process yields a potent mineral complex that contains most of the 94 naturally occurring minerals and elements arranged in ways that only nature could have conceived.